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Security Policy
Security Policy

1. Information Security Provisions
The Company provides safe and proficient services by ensuring the security of information assets and information systems.

2. Preventing Illegal Access and Activities
The Company manages information to prevent the falsification, destruction, and leakage of information due to illegal access or intrusion.

3. Protecting Personal Information
The Company understands the importance of personal information, considers safety management a social responsibility, and strives to protect and manage personal information properly and safely.

4. No Illicit Acquisition of Information
The Company never uses inappropriate methods or breaches the standards of social propriety to collect information.

5. No Illicit Use of Information
The Company never uses the information it collects for any purpose outside the scope of legitimate business.

6. Proper Training of Personnel
The Company promotes the proper handling and management of collected information and inculcates its directors and employees with the principles of information ethics to ensure that they fully understand the importance of all information handled by the company.

7. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The Company complies with all laws and regulations applicable to the handling and management of information.

8. Information Security
The Company uses passwords to protect registered customer information. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used to encrypt data when data are transmitted from a customer's computer to the Company server.

9. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
When a person or proxy requests the disclosure, correction, or erasure of personal information, the Company will respond according to legal requirements. The procedures to follow are provided on the Company's website.

10. About Site Access Logs
The IP addresses, domain names, and other information on computers accessing the Company's website are recorded in access logs. The Company uses these access logs as statistical records on site usage only.

11. About Cookies
The Company may use small text files known as "cookies" to recognize customer computers. You can modify your browser settings to accept or decline cookies.