• Lot 8

  • Max Ernst
  • 1891-1976
  • Patrick Waldberg, 'Aux Petits Agneaux'
  • Estimate : ¥200,000 - ¥300,000
  • the complete book with 19 lithographs in colours, in- and hors-texte, title page, text in French and justification, 1971, on Arches, signed by both the artist and the author, numbered 64 on the justification (the edition was 101, there were also 21 H.C.), published by Au Pont des Arts and Galerie Lucie Weill, Paris, printed by L'Imprimerie Union, Paris, all with time staining, six with a foxmark and one with pale soiling, otherwise all in good condition, contained in an original case (both the cover and case with time staining and one foxmark each)
    Book: 33.0×26.0cm
    200,000-300,000 JPY